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Introduction of Usage
Application of Prepainted Steel Sheets:



workshop,agricultural warehouse,residential precast unit,corrugated roof, wall, rainwater drainage pipe,terrace,retailer booth,roller shutter door


door,doorcase,light steel roof structure,folding screen,ceiling,elevator,stairway,vent gutter

Electrial appliance

refrigerator,washer,switch cabinet,instrument cabinet,air conditioning,micro-wave oven,bread maker


Central heating slice,lampshade,chifforobe,desk, bed, locker, bookshelf

Carrying trade

exterior decoration of auto and train, clapboard,container, isolation lairage, isolation board


writing panel,garbage can, billboard, timekeeper, typewriter,instrument panel,weight sensor,photographic equipment


The prepainted steel sheet for construction is an attractive substitute for wood and other materials, owing to its advantages, including fast color, good durability performance, chalking resistance, etc.It minimizes the maintenance cost. At the same time, various colors, surface structures and coatings provide such products with great flexibility and option. In China, more than 90% color coated sheets are applied in construction, and Bebonsteel?s prepainted steel sheets are also
widely used in such field. Bebonsteel’s prepainted steel sheets satisfy the large-scale halls’rigorous requirements in construction in material color, shape, quality, property, etc. They have been recognized by many landmark buildings in China, covering hall centers, sports halls,aviation knobs, cultural facilities, etc. After 15 years’ continuous research and improvement, Bebonsteel has been not only widely used but also been commonly recognized in auto, non-ferrous metal, power industry, coal mining, light industry, medicine, foodstuff, etc. Bebonsteel’s construction steel has already substituted traditional building materials with its safety, durability esthetic quality and environmental-friendly property, for always building up a comfortable, harmonious and cozy living environment, from schools and residences to commercial buildings, and from villas to top-grade commercial apartments.
Introduction of Usage
Household appliances
The prepainted steel sheet for household appliances often takes electro-galvanized, hot-dip zinc-coated and cold rolled steel sheet as its base metal, which is widely applied in manufacturing refrigerators, large-scale air-conditioning systems, refrigerating cabinet, bread maker, furniture, etc. The distribution of electrical household appliances is started from their good appearances.Bebonsteel promises to guarantee the quality of its prepainted steel products. Its products can be applied to refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, washers, air conditionings and other household appliances.Bebonsteel’s production lines of prepainted steel products are equipped with first-grade equipment of production control, check and inspection, at the same time; its products also take the leading potion among fellow ones with Bebonsteel's abundant experience in the production of prepainted steel sheets. With excellent packing and convenient logistic system, Bebonsteel guarantees to deliver its customers the products with zero defect. Batches of prepainted steel products with good luster and high quality that have already delivered to all the providers of electrical household appliances offer them a powerful competitive force in quality.



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