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Composition and function of coatings
Every kind of coating consist of four kinds of ingredients,namely (1) resin, (2) pigment, (3) solvent, and (4) additives.Among them, the solvent is a kind of volatile organic compound.
(1) ResinResin, namely the membrane forming matter, is the principal component and base of coating, also called base material,and the vital factor determining the property of the membrane. It is required that, being a membrane forming matter, resin should be very stable without any obvious physical change or chemical change in the storage period of coating. Under the specified condition, it can should be quickly dried and congealed into a membrane within the period of membrane formation. There is a great variety of resin products, among which the commonly used ones in the coil coating consist of acrylic resin, epoxy, polyester resin, polyurethane, etc. Different resin has different physical & chemical characteristics as well as different properties in weatherproof, and corrosion resistance.
(2) Pigment
Pigment must match resin in coating, which mainly colors the membrane. Different proportion of pigment of the coating membrane has different rigidity, glossiness, and corrosion resistance, etc.

  1. Solvent

The solvent is an important component of liquid coating, which is volatile while baking the coating. Generally, the solvent is also used to adjust the viscosity of the coating, and the solvent of this kind is also called diluent. The solvent has important influences on the production, storage and application of coating, the formation of the membrane and the quality of the membrane formation.
(4) Additives
The accessory ingredient is a small amount of additive for improving the performance of coating. Although the dosage of the accessory ingredient is little in the coating, its function is remarkable. For instance, some of them can improve the performance of coating and that of the membrane, some can adjust the baking time, and some can prevent the membrane from morbidity. There is a great variety of the accessory ingredients, including siccative, curing agent, leveling agent, defoaming agent, flatting agent, stabilizing agent, etc.


coating for electrical household appliances
STRUCTURE primer,finish coating
RESIN Epoxy,polyester,silicon modified polyester,polyurethane, polyvinylidene fluoride.etc
FUNCTION Easy-cleaning,antistatic,heat insulation,etc

Category and film thickness of primers
The category of the primer includes epoxy, polyester, acrylic acid, polyurethane, etc. In general, the primer is chosen in accordance with the usage, environment condition, processing stage and finish coat. The film thickness of the primer is usually 5~7 um.
(1) Epoxy primer
The epoxy primer has a strong adhesion to the base metal and good properties in waterproof, alkali-proof and chemical resistance, which is the original primer for the coiled steel, having a poorer flexibility than that of other primers.
(2) Polyester primer
The primer has strong adhesion to the base metal and excellent flexibility, which is relatively sensitive to damp environment and has a chemical resistance poorer than that of epoxy primer.
(3) Water-soluble acrylic acid primer
The primer of this kind has strong adhesion, excellent flexibility, lower organic solvent and low-temperature curing.
(4) Polyurethane primer
The primer of this kind has excellent chemical resistance,durability and flexibility.

Category and characteristics of finish coats
Category of finish coats
Among all the ingredients of coil coatings, resin and pigment have the function of duration, and the primers commonly used consist of polyester, silicon modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, high durability polyurethane, etc.
(1) Polyester
The finish coat of this kind has strong adhesive force, a variety of colors, wide scope of properties in formation and durability outdoors, moderate chemical resistance and low cost.
(2) Silicon modified polyesters
The membrane of the finish coat of this kind has excellent rigidity, abrasion resistance, thermal resistance, good outside durability, chalking resistance, high retention of color and luster, ordinary flexibility, moderate cost, etc.
(3) High-durability polyester
The finish coat of this kind has excellent retention of color, resistance of ultra-violet radiation, strong outdoors durability, chalking resistance, strong adhesion to the base metal, plenty of colors and relatively lower cost compared to the same quality.
(4) Polyvinylidene fluoride
The finish coat of this kind features in its excellent retention of color, resistance of ultra-violet radiation, outdoors durability, chalking resistance, resistance to solvent, formability, good dirt resistance, finite colors and high cost.

Performance of Coating Film

  1. Common performance of front coating of Bebonsteel’s prepainted steel sheet
Category Thickness(um) Pencil hardness 60 Specular glossiness of coating     180 Bend Impact salfog resistant(h)
Low Moderate High Thickness <=0.80mm(thickness of steel materials for door and window <=0.80mm)
A level B level
PE >=20 >=F <40 40-70 >70 <=5T <=3T >=9 >=500
SMP >=20 >=F <40 40-70 >70 <=5T <=3T >=9
HDP >=20 >=HB <40 40-70   -- <=5T <=2T >=9 >=1000
PVDF >=20 >=HB <40 40-70   -- <=5T <=2T >=9 >=1000


  1. Performance of back coating (controlling value) of Bebonsteell’s prepainted steel sheet
Coating structure    
Quantity of coatings 1 2
Color Olivine Cloud white
Thickness of coating 5-7 um 13-18
Glossiness     -- 40-60
Pencil hardness F-2H F-2H
Impact >9J >9J
Flexibility <3T <3T
Application Sandwich panel Pressed steel panel
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